iPhone Breaks Into A New Market

The iPhone is breaking into a new market. Starting June 22, Cricket Wireless stores will begin selling the iPhone 4/4S for pre-paid plans. The is perfect for those customers with less than perfect credit or for those customers that don’t want to be tied to a contract. The plan will include unlimited, talk, text, and data for $55 a month. The iPhone will cost a bit more than the contract version, between $400 – $500 depending on the version you choose.


Cookoo Watch: Staying Connected To Your iPhone

I want one of these. I would never lose my cell phone or miss a call again. named after the cookoo clocks you might remember as a child, the Cookoo watch is a new kicktarter project. The Cookoo watch is a cool gadget that connects to your smartphone via bluetooth technology and an app to alert you when you get a call, text, facebook message, voicemail. How many of you start to panic when you can’t find your phone?  With the press of a button on the Cookoo watch you are reunited with your phone.

With 43 days left to go $67,372 out of the $150, 000 needed to get funded. If the project doesn’t reach at lease $150, 000 it will not be funded. So far, the project has 853 backers, raised $67, 372, with 43 days left to go. I hope they reach their goal to begin producing this smart, quality time peace.   I hope this project receives the necessary funding to begin producing theses smart watches. The minimum backing amount is $1.

Would you use this Cookoo watch to stay connected to your smartphone in real time? Please use the comment box below.


DeadSocial: Life After Death Through Social Media

“DeadSocial is a tool that allows anyone to create scheduled messages. These are distributed across their social networks after their death”.

In he past, if you had a message you wanted to deliver after your death you would have just wrote a letter. Now a UK startup, DeadSocial, will allow anyone to speak from the dead, literally. It allows the user to schedule final goodbyes and secret messages that will only be communicated after death via a user’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts. That’s right! You can now schedule messages to be delivered after you are six feet under.

James Norris, the founder of DeadSocial, will be among 19 final startups to pitch, present, and launch their startup later this month at a ‘Startup Rally’ in Amsterdam powered by Microsoft Bizspark. DeadSocial is free, and will remain free throughout its life span So, how does it work?

Simple. Go to the website and sign-up to become a user. Once you are signed up, you will receive a URL that can be shared between friends and family. DeadSocial will unveil a special version that will seamlessly integrate with Facebook Pages.

Visitors to DeadSocial can create an account and snag their username, but the social site will not be fully functional until it’s launched at the rally to the public.

What do you think about DeadSocial? Will you leave secret messages for loved one? Comment below and let us know.


Limit Environmental Damage From Mobile Devices

By Acenna
In the past decade, cell phones and other mobile devices have gained a lot of popularity. A large majority of people rely on their mobile devices to communicate with the world on a daily basis. With growing popularity, manufactures are constantly updating the current model with new and improved versions.

The massive amount of cell phones and other mobile devices in circulation are brewing up a huge concern for the environment. “As of 2003, there are more than 500 million mobile phones waiting to be recycled in the US; either in drawers, or already in the waste stream. Another 100 million or so will be added this year and even more next year.” What do we do?

In an effort to limit the environmental impact that disposing of mobile devices could have on the environment an increasing amount of states are passing laws concerning the disposal and recycle of cell phones and other mobile devices. The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Act (AB1125) took effect in February of 2006. It prohibits the public from disposing of non-rechargeable batteries and single use batteries, and places responsibility on cell phone providers to collect and recycle the types of batteries that they carry. Now you have some options.

All the cell phone providers like AT&T and Verizon have recycling programs for your unwanted or out dated mobile devices. You can even donate the old devices to charity. Charities like Cell Phones for Soldiers and Recycle for Breast Cancer can recycle and use the proceeds to support their non-profit organization.

Click here to get a list of places to recycle your cell phone or mobile device!


Funny iPhone Cases

By Acenna
iPhone cases come in all different shapes and sizes. I think it’s possible to say that every kind of case for the iPhone has been thought of. I came to this conclusion while researching new iPhone cases for my 4s. I ran across some pretty funny cases.
I found cases with faces jumping out of them. I found a case that looked just like a sushi plate. It was unbelievable to find all of the different types and styles of cases. The variety is overwhelming. It was impossible for me to make a decision. I need your help with this one. What is the funniest or weirdest iPhone case you found? What iPhone case would you recommend?
We want to hear from you so please comment below.


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  1. Hi AM,

    Love the blog, really nice theme, design, layout. Looks great! Might be cool to have individual comment boxes per post. None-the-less, it is awesome.

    Would be great to organise some guest posts for your blog and mine.

    Curious Gibberish!

    • Thnak you for stopping by, and great feedback. I would love to organize some guest posts. That’s a must do!


  2. The article about iPhone cases makes me want to go out and purchase an iPhone!

    • iphones are pretty spectacular. Thanks for your comment. Stop by from time to time to check out the new reviews.

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