I love the radio game. You know, switching the channel to see who can guess the most songs. SongPop by FreshPlanet is just that, but you can be anywhere to play. It’s the new game that allows music challenges between friends without the need of a radio. It’s so much fun!

Download SongPop for free on your Android or IOS device. Then, challenge a friend to your first challenge. The object of the game is guess more songs quicker than your opponent can guess them. The playlists vary from Classic Rock, to Alternative, Rap, 90s classics, and much more.

Every win is rewarded with coins. The coins allow you to purchase different music playlists to use in your challenges. It’s the most entertaining game since Words With Friends was released, and it doesn’t have a cheat app. It’s fun to play with my friends even if you don’t know every name of every song and artist.

What’s your favorite song of all time?