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Germanmade iPad Case

It’s time to return to class! Unlike past years, more students than ever are returning to school with their iPads. Students need a quality case that will last over time.  Here are three different cases chosen on durability, style, and price that are perfect for students.

Germanmade handcrafts notebook style cases for your iPad. The book style case securely holds the iPad into place while maintaining the nostalgic look of a Moleskine journal. This particular iPad case has compartments built into the frame that can store a small notebook, a pen/stylus, and your iPhone. The Germanmade case is totally customizable with different exterior and interior colors, and an optional rear camera opening. It has a magnet that activates the sleep/wake function on the iPad. Another cool feature is the built-in stand on the frame of the iPad case, adding a cool, convenient factor.

Otterbox is another good choice for students. The Otterbox Defender Series cases are durable and made to protect your iPad. The Defender Series was designed to be used in your daily life. It protects the front and back of the iPad as well as the screen. It’s easy to use and very durable. This case was built to last, and is available in an array of colors. It’s affordable for any student, and worth every penny. This case will definitely protect your iPad during your college years.

Notebook style cases are very popular with students. Dapp also handcrafts a notebook style case for the iPad. The Flightpad for the iPad 2/3 is a sleek case for any student. The Flightpad is a durable case fit for any student. The sleek style and design aren’t the only thing this case offers. The Flightpad doesn’t have a wooden frame which allows for a slim fit. It can fit anywhere without taking up very much space. It adds very little weight to the iPad itself. It also comes in different styles and designs with an option for a rear facing camera opening.

What kind of case do you suggest for students? Your suggestion is greatly appreciated.