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Handmade book style iPad cases are the new in thing. For some reason people feel less guilty using their iPad in public if it’s nestled away in a notebook style case. So, like everyone else my race to find the best book style case begins. My journey brings me to a Michigan based company called Dapp, and their iPad case called the Flightpad.

The Flightpad from Dapp is an exceptional handcrafted book case. It’s covered in soft Portofino Leather resistant to scuffs,scratches, oil and water making it an ideal iPad case. The stylish interior design is silk-screened on 100% recycled cotton hence, another reason it’s exceptional. The designs come in different styles and collections with the option for a rear camera opening.

One thing the Flightpad is not is another typical notebook style case. You can notice from the pictures it doesn’t have the typical wooden/plastic frame that holds the iPad into place. Instead Dapp chose to design this case without the bulky frame. Four corner straps hold the iPad securley into place proven to work by the ultimate shake test. At firstI  was leary, but it proved to be more convenient without the bulky frame. This case just feels awesome in your hands.

Not only is it the perfect case, it’s the perfect price at $57. This well designed handcrafted case not only beats it’s competitors, but the price doesn’t mean you have guage your wallet to purchase it. The Flightpad is one of the best cases I’ve had the opportunity to review. I received so many great comments from friends and family. The Flightpad really reminds me of a notebook. Afterall, that’s what we are looking for in notebook style cases.

What is your favorite thing about your notebook style case?