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If you’re looking for something sophisticated to wrap your iPad in, then Germanmade has designed the perfect case for your iPad 1, 2 or 3. This handmade case is bound like a hard backed book, and will fit right in its place on any desk top or book shelf. The wood frame is designed for durability and easy access to the charger port, volume controls, headphone jack, and even resembles book pages. Each frame is secured by a rivet system that is more durable than any type of glue. The corner system securely holds your iPad into place, and it passed the shake test. A magnet placed in the front cover of the Germanmade case activates the sleep/wake feature in the iPad.  A strap keeps the iPad case closed just like a moleskine journal to protect the screen of your device completing the moleskine style.

This particular Germanmade case has a few extras you won’t find in other handmade cases of this type. The frame has some extra storage space right under the iPad. You can store a small note pad, stylus or pens, and even your iPhone if needed. Just when you think they thought of it all, there is something else. The wood frame has a cutout on each side of it to turn the case into a viewing stand. These cool additions make this case unique from others like it.

Notebook style cases are the coolest of all iPad cases. Manufactures like Germanmade have mastered the design to be a convenient and awesome fit for any style iPad. Since cases like these are made custom to order it’s easy to find one for any generation of iPad you may own.

Germanmade also handcrafts sleeves for MacBook Air 11” and 13”, MacBook Pro, Kindle Fire, Galaxy, and iPhone 4/4S.  The features and and overall execution make this a must have. The cases range in price from $100 – $160 depending on style and options. Combined with a well designed handcrafted case, it is a small amount to pay to dress your iPad in excellent choice and style.

What do you think of the Germanmade case for iPad?