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The Atari Flashback 3 is definitely a blast from the past. When I saw the Atari Flashback 3, I thought this was a pretty cool idea. It resembles the original Atari except it is a bit smaller, and you cannot insert the games. The Flashback 3 console comes with 60 preloaded games. It also comes with two controllers that are also very similar to the original Atari.

Anxious of course, I plugged it in to check it out. It’s very easy to install to your television. It’s not the Atari, but it’s close enough. After about 15 minutes, and constantly restarting the console I gave up. Most of the time the games didn’t start, and I had to hit the reset button more times than I could count. If it would work right then it is worth the $30 it cost. Otherwise, I wouldn’t waste your time. I will be returning this to the store for a refund.

After some research, I found that it is easy to find original Atari game consoles in working condition. I found a hand full on eBay starting around $30 that included a some games and other extras. You might as well go for the original if that’s what you are looking for.

What is your favorite Atari game?