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Rumors certainly fly about any Apple product that’s going to be hitting the marketplace. The addiction to know what we can expect is an addiction millions of Apple fans have in common.  So after some research and talking to different insiders, here’s the scoop on what features and surprises to expect from the new design of the iPhone 5.

9to5Mac posted pictures suggesting the iPhone 5 will have a larger screen. The taller screen is thought to have a resolution of 640-by-1,136 compared to the iPhone 4 and 4S with a screen resolution of 640-by-960. Apple seems to be shifting to changing other design features available on previous iPhones. After Siri the expectations of Apple soared to high levels, and everyone just can’t wait to get their hands on the next device to add to their personal collection.

Other rumors surfaced in an article from MacRumors that Apple may bring aluminum back to the iPhone 5 design. Some images from a repair firm called uBreakiFix suggests the aluminum back is surrounded by a white casting. An aluminum back and larger screen are just a couple of rumors surrounding the design of the new iPhone. Another article points to the headphone jack and the placing. The headphone jack is shown being placed at the bottom of the phone versus the top on previous iPhone designs.

insanelyi is predicting that the iPhone 5 will be equipped with a Broadcom BCM4334. This chip will make it the first iOs device to meet Apple’s standards for airdrop. Using this chip would make wireless sharing simple, even in Android operating system devices. Yes, that is the report from insanelyi.

The iPhone 5 is a smart buy of course, but most of all it’s going to be a sentimental buy for most Apple fans for one reason. This iPhone 5 design was one of the final projects Steve Jobs had the opportunity to work on before his death. It’s not a surprise that he had the final say in the design of the iPhone 5. This design is going to take the iPhone to a higher level of quality and functionality than it already has.

What do you think the new iPhone 5 is going to look like? Please comment below.