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By Acenna Martin

What do you look for when shopping for the perfect ear buds for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod?Do you look for the best sound quality? Do you look for a pair of ear buds that are made for your mobile device? The vast selection of ear buds can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you are looking for. Styles, price, quality, and brand are all some good factors to consider when searching for the perfect pair of ear buds.

Beats by Dr. Dre Tour ControlTalk In-Ear Headphones from Monster are worth consideration. The ear buds were designed to be perfectly compatible with your iPad, iPod, iPhone. The ControlTalk feature allows you to control the volume, pause, and play your media on any of the mentioned devices.The ControlTalk feature is designed to be able to have hands free conversations on your iPhone hence, safe for driving and convenient for everything else. Tour ear buds are compatible with other devices, but the ControlTalk feature may not work.

The sound isolating design and (multiple) silicone tips allow for a comfortable listening experience.The silicone tips were designed to seal out the air and you can tell immediately upon inserting the ear buds into your ear. The music is so clear. They definitely improve the
sound quality and listening experience. The speakers were designed to produce natural sound without distortion. The product design also features a flat chord measuring 3.94 ft./1.2 in length that eliminates tangling. According to the company website, a patent for the cord design is pending. The long cord makes maneuvering seamless.

The sound quality and features combined create a perfect pair of ear buds to listen to your favorite tunes.They come in two different colors, red and white. Beats by Dr. Dre have several different style ear buds and headphones to choose from. I guarantee if you do some research, you will find a high quality pair of ear buds or headphones you love.

The Tour ear buds go for around $150. The different styles and options range in price from $99 – $700. They come with a one-year limited manufacturers warranty. I highly suggest only buying these types of high quality ear buds from an authorized dealer. Cases of counterfeits
are all over the web. The company website has extensive information on how to identify fakes.

What are your favorite ear buds or headphones? Use the comment box below to add a comment.