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Fieldfolio iPad 2 Case Review

The Fieldfolio ($70) case for iPad 2 (also campatible with the New iPad) is eye candy inspired by hardcover cloth books. It’s handmade with recycled board and wrapped with high quality cotton-blend linens using traditional bookbinding techniques. No one would ever guess that it encases your iPad 2 because it looks just like a book.

The cover has a concealed set of magnets that mimic Apple’s Smart Cover technology. A custom fit frame securely holds your iPad in place while leaving easy access to your iPad’s ports and controls. The integrated aperture (camera hole) on the back cover makes taking pictures with your iPad easily without removing it from the case. On top of all that awesomeness, you can choose from six vibrant colors including blue, black, green, grey, orange, and pink. It’s even compatible with either the iPad 2 or the 3rd generation.

The Fieldfolio case is hand crafted in Melbourne, Australia.


I like the fact that it’s eye catching. My iPad 2 feels safe and secure in the Fieldfolio case fitted with the custom tray and hard covers on the front and back of the case. I also performed a shake test on the case, and it didn’t budge. The book style case can also work as a theft deterrent with the resemblance of a book. Most thieves aren’t out to steal a book.


Although the Fieldfolio case has a great build and design quality, it’s not quite perfect. I love the logo on the spine of the book style case, but theMany iPad users want a light weight case for, and the Fieldfolio is a little heavy. It’s even heavier with the iPad in it. The type of cotton-blend material is nice to touch and looks good, but I noticed the corners were a little worn when I removed the case from the packaging. I’m curious to see how it wears in the future.


The Feildfolio design needs a little improvement with weight. It comes with many convenient options which craft a perfect counterpart for the iPad 2. This case is a good value for the price ($70). I recommend this case for your iPad 2 as long as you don’t mind a little extra weight.

Here are some pictures of the case, camera hole, and ports

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