Tip of the Day!

The Correct Way to Submit a Resume

I want to begin by saying I am not an expert on submitting a resume or designing one, but I do have some valuable advice to offer anyone seriously seeking employment.

For about a month now, I have been in charge of posting job ads and reviewing resumes for available positions. I have received hundreds of resumes during the past month for various job positions. Surprisingly, only a small percentage of the resumes were able to be considered. The majority of the responses did not even include a resume or any work history. One responder even wrote, “I don’t have a resume because I’m better on the phone. So just call me.” (FAIL)

Responses that did not include a resume or work history were automatically deleted. Employers like to fill positions quickly so contacting each person to request a resume would be too time consuming. Other careless mistakes like misspellings and grammatical errors kept resumes from being considered. I can go on and on about what was wrong, but that isn’t going to help! Right?

Here are some tips I know will improve your chances at securing that interview:

-Double Check! Before sending your resume out check for any misspellings, grammatical errors, and formatting issues. The reader can’t pay attention to your resume if he/she is busy correcting your mistakes. Then, make sure the resume is attached to the email response. Your cover letter should not be an attachment. Copy and Paste it directly into the email.

-Tailor your resume. Every job position doesn’t require the same experience. Tailor your resume to the job description that you are applying for. (i.e, If your applying for a secretary position there is no need to talk about your cashier experience at White Castle.) You have a better chance to get the interview if you have the necessary experience.

– Make your resume stand out. Everyone does not have the eye of a designer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t design a resume that appeals to the eye. Add some color or cool formatting to make your resume stand out. Do some research to get some design ideas.

– Limit the length. A basic resume should be no longer than one page. One page is enough space to list your objective, education, and work history. A two page resume is doable, but not required for most jobs.

I hope these tips will help you land that job interview you have been waiting for. Good luck!
*Please feel free to add any tips you have to the comments section below.